Visionary writer/artist Steven Juliano prides himself as one of the top graphic designers in the industry today, with over twenty years experience in graphic art and animation. Steven's extensive client list includes Disney, HBO, Showtime, Sony, Universal and is a commissioned album artist for many major label bands.  


After years of touring the world as lead singer of the metal/punk powerhouse group "I Am Ghost" (Epitaph Records), Steven returned to his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA and started his own design studio in 2010. 


"My goal is not only to provide my services to the larger studios, but to also provide professional, high-quality art to smaller business's, bands, and authors who might not be able to afford to commission someone with my experience. I try my best to work with everyone's budget." - Steven Juliano




If you are interested in commisioning Steven Juliano for a future project, or have any questions, please reach out via the "contacts" link above.